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"I just streamed the entire LEMONADE (album) and I have to say that
THIS IS the best music you have ever made hands down!"
~Bruce Miller, long-time fan

“(Pastor Brad) proves adept at striking a near perfect balance between quality musicianship and memorable songwriting… Long term Pastor Brad fans - not to mention those into all forms of instrumental hard rock and eighties metal in general - would be well served by checking out Lemonade. With its delectable selection of vocal and instrumental cuts, the album showcases good variety while placing equal emphasis on musicianship and the song.”  
~Andrew Rockwell, Angelic Warlord

"It’s good to hear that Pastor Brad is back.  “Lemonade” is like Pastor Brad on steroids!  The Lord gave him a shot of adrenaline for this album.  The instrumentals contain plenty of shredding, which we all love. The guest instrumentalists blend in very well.  Of the 10 tracks, only three contain vocals.  I kinda wish there were more.  Pastor Brad’s singing is what gives his music its great charm.  Each song is like a mini sermon.  My favorite song is “Light of the World”, purely beautiful."
~Cindy, The Cross Stream Radio 

"Absolutely some of the best guitar work I have heard in a long time!
In all my years in radio, never has an Independent Artist struck me the way Pastor Brad has done." 
Jeff Vichiarelli  (Dizzy Izzy)
CEO, Dekadance Radio

It lives up to it's name (RESHREDDED) - with pride... 
you have the skill and the chops.  Great songs too.
Matt Hunt
Retroactive Records

"I've been listening to 'Shred' everyday for hours on end now and to tell you the truth.. my favorite song on there is 'Better Daze'. I can't keep that melody out of my head. That is the best metal instrumental I've ever heard. It literally gives me chills to hear it everytime. I only wish I had written it.. ha ha!!!!"   
Andy England
One of the guitarists on SHRED

Hi Brad,  Just got your CDs today, and I love them...  they are fantastic... REAL music!!!  I am totally blown away by how cool they are.  I can't wait to hear the others.  Finding your site and "meeting" you has been a real blessing for me.  
Thanks for everything Brad."

  Will Barrass

Hi there!  I got the disc (RESHREDDED)  and listened to the whole thing.  Well, I said I was impressed when I heard bits and pieces, but I cannot say that anymore.  I'm going to be totally honest with you brother.  I was in total awe!!!  WOW!!!  I was listening to the second tune, and I was thinking, "Man, give your fingers a break!"  I heard hints of "Eruption" on there.  Totally power packed!!  Like you said, "Rippin guitars," and "80's style heavy METAL!"   Man, I'm listeing to March to Mordor.  This is great!  Wow!  Others need to know about you!"
Gary Hanis

Psalm 33:3 - 'Sing unto him a new song; Play skilfully with a loud noise.'  Brad definetly has accomplished that. Well Done!
Fan @

"Have you heard of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra?  I got to see them live a few years back and they where excellent!  But this year, I was BLOWN AWAY when one of the artists on sent me his Christmas CD called "Heavenly Shred".  Pastor Brad who is indeed a Pastor, Shreds the likes of O Little Town of Bethlehem, Joy to The World, Deck the Halls and other traditional xmas tunes plus some of his own. You got to hear it!!"   

Just got this cd (SHRED) and I was blown away!  I knew that Brad was a stellar guitar player, but this cd is really smokin'!  I hear elements of EVH, Vai, Gary Hoey, and even a bit of Satriani in there. This is some serious metal riffage!
"Tall Tyrion"
Fand @ The Christian Metal Realm 

"First off let me say that before I put in a copy of Pastor Brad's Telecaster I had to dust off my old spandex and break out the Aquanet hairspray because I was forewarned that he is an 80's metaliholic.  With vocals that sound like a combination of Bon Scott meets Taime Downe (Faster Pussycat) and fingers that like to tickle the fretboard Pastor Brad has put out a very solid release with Telecaster.  The songs on Telecaster span the broad spectrum of metal varieties that came from the 80's.  The title track "Telecaster" reminds me alot of a Poison or Faster Pussycat song.  Tracks like "Cut Down To Size" and "Smack Dab" are heavily influenced by Dokken and Ratt while songs like "Old Bones New Life" remind me alot of newer Kiss.  My favorite song on the Cd has got to be "Heaven" with it's power metal feel.  Heaven is the heaviest song on the Cd with an Iron Maiden meets Krokus feel to it and I personally think the best song on the Cd.  Overall I'd have to say that Pastor Brad is a very talented guitar player and I think he did an overall great job on this release...  I would recommend this Cd to anyone who has a flair for 80's Metal.  Rock on Dudes!!!"  
Brad Wheat
Christian Extreme

Hi Brad,  Thanks for the cd (TELECASTER), bro. It totally rocks and I think it is your best work todate.  Some of the songs are really powerful and their message speaks to me alot.
God bless, Philip.
Philip Lowry
Fan--N. Ireland

Man, I am listening to The Conquest right now. This is flat out  AWESOME!!
Tall Tyrion
The Christian Metal Realm

My husband and I put the CD (SHREDDED SWEET) in the player, sat down in the living room and made ourselves comfortable. As soon as the first note was played our house lifted off of its foundation, spun around in the air and flew over Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sanibel, Marco Island and Naples. Not until Fire and Ice ended did our house begin the return trip home. By the time the last note on the CD was played, our house was once again safely on the ground where it always was. It was a wild trip, and we enjoyed it immensely. All of the guitarists are amazing!
Joan Eltringham
Fan @ CD Baby

When I heard your stuff online I thought THAT's what I've been searching/looking for!  I'm so glad I discovered you-wow!   A Pastor that knows how to ROCK!
Mr. Kelly Horn
Fan--Crystal, MN

I love your new Out of the Hellhole cd.  It seems as though you're getting better and better with your music and lyrics and more creative with your sound.  Thanx for the positive message and great 80s sounds!  In the past, I've tried to figure which 80s metal band your music reminded me of.  There are songs on this cd that have a cool and unique 'pastor brad' sound and there are some songs that remind me of my favorite 80s bands (Iron Maiden, JP, and Dokken).
Kevin Pavey
Fan--Peoria, AZ

"Specifically wanted to tell you this.  I have been playing your CDs a lot lately.  I listened to them when they were bought but now they are in regular rotation in my CD player.  Love them that much.  They smoke.  It is so very cool to have smokin 80s music with GODly lyrics!"
Greg Brewer
Fan--Seattle Washington

Killer chops. All too often, Christian music is somewhat lacking, shall we say.  I must say it is refreshing to find another brother that is still rocking while keeping a commercial sound. 
God Bless, 
Tom Cole 

Thanks for putting out such a wonderful cd!  This is long overdue! I've listened to it several times and it just gets better with each listen!  It's so awesome to hear Christmas songs put to instrumental hard rock music!  Keep up the good work!"
Harvey Scarborough Jr. 
Fan--Avon, North Carolina

Got my copy of Heavenly Shred in the mail today.  After my first listen, my review will be real short....... This lp ROCKS, Hard and Raw.  I can't wait to CRANK this for my kids when they get home today.  This is a most-excellent addition to our Christmas collection.
Fan @ The CMR

I couldn't agree more!  I've been cranking it since we got it in!
James Mattern
Open Grave Records

"Can my review of this CD be three words? 
This CD rules!"
Scott Watters
No Life Til Metal

Easily one of the best intrumental Christmas cds that I have.
 I love Deck the halls, especially the base lines.
Fan @ The CMR

"PASTOR BRAD AND FRIENDS have done it again with the new offering from the 'Shredmaster' himself entitled "Shredded Sweet"!  We're happy to include this heavely metal masterpiece in our playlist"
Steve Roush
Program Director, Almighty Metal Radio

"My husband and I put the CD in the player, sat down in the living room and made ourselves comfortable. As soon as the first note was played our house lifted off of its foundation, spun around in the air and flew over Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sanibel, Marco Island and Naples. Not until Fire and Ice ended did our house begin the return trip home. By the time the last note on the CD was played, our house was once again safely on the ground where it always was. It was a wild trip, and we enjoyed it immensely. All of the guitarists are amazing!"

Joan Eltringham

Fan @ CD Baby

"Hey DUDE, is my face okay? I think you melted it off!!!"


The Christian Metal Realm

... instrumental music that is extremely tight, diverse & extremely good through & through.  The music has a very strong Metal sound that takes elements from Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Power Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal & Traditional Heavy Metal & combines them all together to create one sweet sound. Each song sounds much different from the previous, but it all has that same vibe that would liken them all back to being done by the same band! This is definately worth checking out!

Burt Beowolf


Pastor Brad continues to be one of the few artists to take the timeles Christmas classics to the next level - and shred them!  Well done PB!  ..."These holiday tracks are not the first PB has released, but they - and he - are at their shredded best!
Steve & Greg
Almighty Metal

"Hi Pastor Brad,  I'm listening to Rock You Up and I gotta tell you, I'm getting Rocked Up.  I hear  hints of many metal greats ie: Van Halen, Kiss, ect..  I am very impressed with the production.  I pray our great God and Savior Jesus Christ will use you, your talent and your ministry to glorify His name in all the world. 
God bless,"
Richard Lynch

Hey Pastor Brad, just letting you know that the tunes sound tuff and burn... thanks for letting me be part of your project.
Dee Harrington

Brad, I've been listening to it everyday since it arrived. Great disc!!!  This CD (RESHREDDED rocks!! The music, production, layout, artists, everything is so awesome. You've really outdone yourself on this one.
Andy England
Reshredded Contributor
Leeds, AL

"Pastor Brad and his Shred series has arrived! I would put this disc up against any instrumental cd out there. There is so much going on here! Thanks to a bunch of killer guests who also play on this disc.  PB wears his influences right on his sleeve. You can hear bits of Zeppelin, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and some cool shredding as well.  There are some different styles on this one also I know the title screams SHRED but, that is only a part of the music on this.  Some cool funky stuff and flashy guitar effects for lovers of 80's style metal.  I really do not think anyone will be disappointed in this at allI"
Bruce Miller 
Fan @ CD Baby 

If you are a fan of the 80's hard rock/party metal scene, this stuff is right up your alley!  I could almost feel the 80's creeping back up on me when I heard this CD the first couple of times! Pastor Brad has a definite knack for writing catchy, hooky songs with sing-along choruses, and some SERIOUS guitar solos!  This is one shredding, 80's styled CD that will have a lot of metalheads smiling and nodding and remembering when Holy Soldier, Eternal Ryte, Rage Of Angels, and Crystavox were blistering Christian radio, while Skid Row, Winger, and Dokken were gracing the Billboard Top 40 charts!   I look forward to Pastor Brad's next project, and plan on picking up as much of his older material as possible! If you are a fan of the style and sound mentioned above, you would do yourself a favor to pick Telecaster up as well.
Arttie Parker
Christian Metal Realm

"What attracted you to hard rock/metal? Do you remember the first bands you ever heard that made you jump around like a maniac playing air guitar or made you dream of being the next Eddie Van Halen? Do you miss those beloved sounds of the 80's?  Out of nowhere comes Pastor Brad. While this may sound like an unusual name for a band, this is exactly what you get: Pastor Brad--playing guitar, singing, playing bass....  Pastor Brad's latest release "Out Of the Hellhole" features 14 songs that take me back to those mystical moments when I knew in my musical soul that I would always be a headbanger.  Screaming leads and multi-stacked vocal harmonies are featured on every track here.  Whether or not Pastor Brad ever listen to the Daniel Band, this reminds me a lot of them--classic sounds with a timeless message about our need for a Savior."
Chris "alldatndensum" Dickens
Christian Hard Music

I am listing to  OUT OF THE HELLHOLE... as I type... Being 35 this summer, I remember all those great groups that musically were great, but lyrically brought me down after being born again in '93.  I was a huge KISS and AC-DC fan. It is great to find Christian music hat fills those musical longings.  
Jason Wilkinson
Tok, AK

...a skilled guitarist, churning out melodic solos, licks and riffs.  And he also has a talent for writing good songs.  Just listen to "The Invitation", and tell me that this does not stick to your brain like glue afterwards.   Last, but certainly not least, Pastor Brad's main reason for doin' this is to give glory to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  And that reflects all he does, which is the way it should be!
Kurt "Kmorg"
metal metropolis

Pastor Brad.  ...awesome.... nice vocals and very good guitar work.  Loved all the songs.
Billy Vaughn
Shining Force
--Houston, TX

"Your songs are very strong man!!!!!!  I read  your testimony , You are a instrument of God. Your music wao!!!!  
Fan--Tijuana Mexico

RESHREDDED!  Get your air guitars ready metalheads. With the help of the likes of Richard Lynch and Dee Harrington of SAINT, PB has put out over 65 minutes of classic 80's style shredding, and the production values are the best ever.  This one's a keeper, so get your copy today!"
Steve Roush
Program Director, Almighty Metal Radio

Pastor Brad's music will take you back to the days when metal ruled the airwaves. If you like awesome guitar riffs, incredilble solos, and great choruses, this music is for you! I have not only been blown away by these rockin tunes, but I have also been blessed by the lyrics. everytime I listen to the music I feel the holy-spirit speaking to me loud and clear and feel the presence of Jesus all around. I highly recomend adding Paster Brad's cd to your collection.        
Brent Windlan
Fan--Anderson, Indiana

Shred. In different worlds, the word has very different meanings. For paper, for example, shred is NOT a good word! In the world of guitar, especially hard rock and metal, however, shred is an excellent word. If a guitar player is said to "shred", he is being described as possessing not only great speed in his playing, but also a certain knack for the way the notes are put together. When speaking of "shredders" in the guitar world, many names come to mind...Malmsteen, Vai, Friedman, Satriani. All possess incredible talent, speed, accuracy, and a certain sense of rhythm and melody that many other players only strive for. And while not a name most would commonly see alongside these legends of the axe, Pastor Brad has shown on this, his latest effort, that he is certainly up to the task of joining these guitar heroes, if not in name recognition, then, at the least, in level of respect.  Shredded Sweet is easily the best instrumental disc I have heard in a couple of years and is well worth tracking down.
Arttie Parker
Christian Metal Realm

(RESHREDDED) a guitarshredding party for anyone that love guitarsolos... this cd just shreds! If you are like me and love guitar solos this CD is a must have.
Johannes Jonsson
Metal for

WARNING!  The High Volocity Guitar Work of Pastor Brad will Shred the Christmas presents under your tree!  Move Trans- Siberian Orchestra over on your CD shelf and make room for "Heavenly Shred".  This is the one Christmas CD every Metalhead should have in their collection. 
DJ Tom Radio

"A metal feast at its finest,The most beautiful music in the world.  The best part is its praising the LORD.  I love the song 'Well Done', a master piece."

--Craig Eichelbergert

Fan Austin TX!

Shredded Sweet, the third instrumental hard rock release from Altoona, Pennsylvania based minister Pastor Brad, continues where his very fine 2007 offering Reshredded leaves off.   The album heads in an instrumental guitar (i.e.: “shred”) based direction certain to appeal to fans of Joe Satriani (Surfing With The Alien), Steve Vai (Passion And Warfare), David Chastain (Within The Heat & Elegant Seduction), Joey Tafolla (Out Of The Sun), James Byrd (Son Of Man) and Fourth Estate (Finesse And Fury & See What I See).

Andy Rockwell

It was like I took a nap and woke up in 1988!!! Cooooool!!!!  Keep it up!! Hope it (RESHREDDED) "It was like I took a nap and woke up in 1988!!! Cooooool!!!!  Keep it up!! Hope it does really well for you – 

Jeff Scheetz

I gotta hand it to you, it (SHREDDED SWEET) sounds killer. Great songs, production, everything.  love all the music... There are so many different metal styles on there that it's sure to appeal to all metal guitar fans. Great job.
Andy England
Fan/Guest Artist

I have been playing 'The Conquest' this month and it is the highest rated song out of the 60 plus I have in rotation right now @ 9.4!
Bruce Miller
Program director
Kingdom Rock Radio

"Great Big Busy World is right!!!  Good stuff."
Dennis Cameron: 
Michael Sweet  Angelica & Cynical Limit 

"Hi Pastor Brad, I got the cd and I've listened to it 3 or 4 times. You're a great player, I'm impressed ! I really enjoyed it.  It's not often nowadays that you find good guitar jams that are new.  I'm looking forward to contributing to your next project. It'll be a blast." 
John Johnson
of Sacred Warrior
& Zeal

Dear pastor Brad,  In Puerto Rico we would use one word for the clips: BRUTAL!!!!  Just keep praising Him!
In His Service,
Pastor Jerry

"Hey PB... Got a chance to listen to Heavenly Shred yesterday and it smokes!!!  If I had to sum it up in 1 or 2 sentences I'd say Its a great extension to ther Shred series, and its not the same cliches that you hear on alot of these Christmas standards that come out these days.  I also enjoyed the bass work done by Dee.  Or as 'Heavy Metal Bob' might say, 'Its a Holiday Shredfest from the Worls only Shredding Pastor!'  Talk to you soon... I'm gonna crank it as we put up our tree!"
"The Deacon of Metal"
Rob Deacon
Rochester, NY

"...what we got here (SHRED) is a cd filled with enjoyable guitar solos,  tasty riffs and hooks.  It's really enjoyable and all instrumental...  this cd just shreds!  If you are like me and love guitar solos this cd is a must have
Johannes Jonsson  

The PB and Friends Heavenly Shred CD sounds great and really comes at a wonderful time of the year.  The songs are fresh and the mix is right on! I recommend this CD to anyone who loves tight, instrumental music with a spiritual touch. This is another great Pastor Brad and Friends production!
Jim Griffin

"Well, he has done it again,  Pastor Brad and friends have given us another offring of instrumental guitar mayhem in this third instrumental release.  However, don't blow him off as just one of those shredding tons-of-notes-per-second guitar geeks.  This CD has structure, melodies and all around fun tunes put to an 80s metal feeling backdrop.  Yes, there are some shredding moments for all of us air guitarists, but that does nothing to deter this from being quite an enjoyable listen throughout."
Jeff McCormack 
Heaven's Metal Fanzine

What's in a name? In the case of Pastor Brad's Shred, a lot! This CD indeed does shred. When I think of that word I tend to think of guys like Satriani, Vai and Malmsteen. Well, Pastor Brad and friends are also in that same school of instrumental guitar rock. The difference is that Pastor Brad is a bit more melodic and probably a bit bluesier than those guys as well. Think more along the lines of Steve Morris, or even Van Halen without vocals. Each song on this CD tells a story. Whereas some instrumental CDs tend to be a bunch of riffs for the guitarist to lay down some choice wankey, Pastor Brad has actually written songs for which the guitar leads to tell a story over. Yes, the songs actually have hooks.  Brad brought along some friends to help him out as well. Fellow shredders Jon Hooper (Unforsaken), Andy England and David Jacob all lay down some choice chops as well. While the entire CD is a solid listen, a couple songs that really stood out to me was "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and "Angels We Have Heard on High". I would actually love to have an entire CD of Christmas music like this. 
(Hint, hint Pastor Brad.) 
Scott "ultmetal" Waters
No Life Til Metal

Although metal/hair band are not my preferred musical styles, I can always appreciate good guitar playing, strong commercial sound, lyrical heart, and solid production.  The songs from "Telecaster" had these in spades.  A great blend of beautiful guitar work and powerful, wall-smashing licks.  Excellent production and sound...,   Pastor Brad delivers a really authentic sound.  Metal heads should take note of all he has to offer."
Singer/Songwriter Diana Tylery
--Eaton, OH

"Hey Brad, I recieved your CD's today in the mail. The CD's ROCK!  I wish I lived closer so I could play in your band.  Again great job bro!  God bless, Jon"
Jon Hooper
Ontario Canada

RESHREDDED is a strong and powerful statement for The Great Artist who died for you and me!  Check it out and hear for yourself. It is truly AWESOME!
Fan from CD Baby

I am not a musician, but have come to appreciate talents and musicianship in the people that give themselves to the perfecting of their musical drive. It is different when you get the chance to listen parts of songs played as "trial sound bit" over the internet...  it's a whole new thing when you get to open up, hear and comtemplate the music in a cd.  In other words Pastor Brad, you got my vote, and as of now, I have adopted you into my personal "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame". I definitely will eventually get all your cds; 
Richad Perez
Fan--Los Angeles, CA

First of all, I must admit that I am impressed.  You have a wonderful gift from God and I can easily imagine fans of classsic metal being attracted to your site and slowly but surely be drawn to God through it.  And on top of things, you can also sing!!!! The first time I  heard Get Real, I was wondering if Rob Halford had turned christian!

"Pastor Brad will take you back to the 80's...  you know, when the electric guitar was the heart and soul of a song.  I enjoy Brad's music, but I always look forward to the guitar solos!  You won't get tired of listening to these songs!  Also the vocals have meaning and leave you with something to ponder.  So much in music these days is meaningless.  Brad puts meaning behind the music.  You'll soon be telling others about Pastor Brad!"
Vance Desandro
Fan--Wichita, Kansas