Around 2009 I started having some issues with my fret hand.  The end result was the loss of partial use in my index and middle fingers on my fret hand... not a good thing for a guitarist.  I sought treatment, tried to reinvent my playing style, etc. for nearly four years.  Finally God led me to three NEW instruments,

Pre Sonus Studio One
An amazing DAW that allows me to create & mix endless tracks.  It's jam-packed tons of midi-instruments, effect, a mastering suite, and just on and on.  I do use an Oxygen Midi-controller with it--some, but much of the music I create simply by painting/programming it.  I crazy thing that I discovered when I began using Studio One was that my music style did not change.  The music I'm creating still sounds like me.  I.e. Studio One--truly is just a tool that allows the musician to express the music they year in their heart.  This is an amazing tool/instrument!

Shreddage 2

Shreddage Bass

I love my new instruments and studio set-up!  I hope to make tons more music to Rock You Up!

LEMONADE (2015) was the first album featuring these new instruments