Cornerstone 09

Cornerstone 2009 was an amazing experience for me.  To begin with, Cornerstone is/was a premier hard-rock music festival.  Some of my all-time favorite Christian hard-rock/metal bands have there.  Add to that the mystic and history of the Sanctuary Stage--and you have the stuff of dreams.  So in 2009 when the opportunity arose for me to play on the Sanctuary not just once--but three separate days, I was over the top excited and honored.

I had worked pretty hard from 2003, when I first launched my website, GuitarJams.Net until 2009, writing, recording, producing & promoting my music -- 100% online.  In 08 & 09 I had a nice wave of online radio support and a lot of nice press floating around about my music.  I will forever be proud of landing the 3rd place slot in Heaven's Metal Magazine's "Best New Artist of 2009" readers poll (even though I wasn't really a "new" artist :-).  I think the Cornerstone invite was the "bonus reward" for all of that hard work.  That's what it felt like to me anyway.

The Experience
The atmosphere and people were awesome--it was a giant collection of Christ-loving metal heads--all in one place.  My family who are not fans of metal--made the trip with me.  I so appreciate them going with me and supporting me--I know it was not their scene, but they smiled and worked and cheered and allowed dad to enjoy the experience just the same! They were troopers.

July 2, 3 & 4, 2009
I played mid-day on the 2nd & 3rd.  I recorded backing tracks in my studio to perform with.  My friend Shawn Olivera built a little stomp-box unit loaded with my song files so I could control (play/pause) my set list---very cool--Thanks Shawn!

When it came time for my first set, I was a little bummed---there was only a handful of people there--but I jumped up there and had a ball--just like there was huge crowd.  The sound system was the most amazing thing I have ever played through---we're talking an area-rock massive system!

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I connected with Gary Denning of Tongues of Fire Radio for this bried interview just outside the Sanctuary Stage Tent.

One of the highlights of the festival (for me) was hooking up with Faith Factory (pictured below).  They were scheduled to close the festival on the 4th.   They asked me to join them on stage for a song and that was just a very cool experiences!

So--there ya go.  Cornerstone was a very cool exerience.  I thank the Lord for the opportunities I had on thoses days to jam and testify for Him.